Sugaring & Waxing

We Specialize in Brazilian Sugaring and Waxing. We use 100% Natural Home-made Sugar paste and 100% Natural Hard Wax for all your sensitive areas! All of our licensed Estheticians have had extensive training and are up to date on all the latest techniques to make sure your Sugaring  and/ or Waxing experience is as comfortable as possible!

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Sugaring & Waxing Services & Pricing

All area can be Sugared if requested in advance



$18  Brow Wax and Shape  

$10  Lip or Chin Wax  

$35  Full Face Wax   $50  Including Brows

$40  Full Arm  $30  Half Arm

$15 Underarm

$60 Full Leg  $40 Half Leg  $75 Full leg including bikini

$30 Bikini Wax

$45 Brazilian Wax (Women)  

$45  Brazilian Sugaring 

$65 Brozilian (Men)

$30 Buttocks

$50 Full back  (Men)  $30 Half Back

$15  Lower Back (Women)

$35  Chest Wax  $50 with abs


Pre-Waxing Care:

  • Personal hygiene rules!  Please bathe and or freshen up before your Brazilian, bikini or body wax treatment. We do provide wipes if your coming straight from work or other activities.

  • Skip the lotions and potions!  Do not apply self tanners, body sprays, deodorants and other topical creams before your appointment.

  • Let it grow out! If you have been shaving, allow a minimum of 2 weeks or ¼ inch of hair growth.

  • Exfoliate! Make sure to do an exfoliation of some sort to the are being waxed to make sure all the hair is ready for waxing

  • Take an Ibuprofen a 1/2 hor before your appt. This will help make your waxing more tolerable. 


Post-Waxing Care: 

  • Avoid heat.  No tanning, sun bathing, hot tubs or saunas for 48 hours after your treatment.  Since a layer of dead skin cells have been removed, sun and or heat exposure can burn the skin.

  • No hot baths or exercising for 2 hours following your treatment.

  • Hydro-cortisone cream reduces the redness and irritation following your treatment.

  • Exfoliate daily 48 hours after your treatment.  We offer a nice selection of exfoliating products to help you maintain your wax and eliminate ingrown hairs. We have exfoliating gloves, natural sugar scrubbs, skin lighteners with chemical exfolation, and a mandelic wash that will help exfoliate and kill bacteria all in one. 

At Beleza Waxing & Skincare Lounge, all instruments are sanitized and we enforce a strict “no double dipping” policy, meaning that we never dip the same applicator in the can of wax or sugar once it has been used. We take pride in the quality of your waxing experience, so no matter if your are a first time waxer or a waxing pro we can definitely provide the cleanest, fastest, and best quality waxing experience available!